Wrapped masks

  For the Duration.
  Masks proudly handmade
  in the Castro.

Our life is in your care. Wear a mask. Wash your hands.

Our staff makes miracles every day.

African fabric sets a style.

For the duration of the current Covid-19 crisis,
Vincie and community volunteers have shifted production completely
cotton social distancing masks for daily use. Washable, comfortable
– and of course a little chic.

these 3-layer 100% cotton masks help reduce the Cloud of Unknowing,
potentally virus-laden breath by which you might infect others even if
you don't know you're infectious. Be safe. Protect others.

Be kind to your cotton. Wash frequently machine cold or by hand. Line dry.
Our material is pre-shrunk, but cotton never stops shrinking a little bit more.
Remember your 501s?

Dry cotton never stops absorbing breath moisture.
Change your mask when it gets damp, at least every 4hrs.

These masks are also helpful at filtering out incoming virus.
Unfortunately, masks don't filter out lies or hatred. Do that yourself.
Be kind. Stand up for equality and justice. And vote.

@originalvincie on Instagram. If you see something you like,
message Vincie right away to have a chance of getting it.
Supplies are always limited. New fabrics daily.

Vincie masks are available in our shop, at many corner markets and at these fine stores.

Rolo on Market

S16 Home

Cliff's Variety

Collage gallery on Potrero Hill

Nurses mask up off-dutyThree Vincie masks (with one wearing another style) Vincie masks $8.75, with Italian studs custom $10

Masked up in the CityStylish and effective masks about town. $8.75 each

Bags again when this is over . . .

Orbiter DoppkitOrbiter Dopp kit $84
Also available at Rolo.

Mars Sport DuffelMars Sport $280
Also available at Rolo.

Sport gym duffel $140.    Give it to me now.

Mars Mirror Sport gym duffel $280.    Give it to me now.

Stud Sport gym duffel $360.    Give it to me now.

Sky Walker sport duffel $450.    Sold Out

Rolo on Market

Vincie Sport duffels & Dopp kits in SF at Rolo.

Vincie Stud Sport gym duffel Vincie Mars Sport gym duffel

Vincie Sport duffel

Leather Slimline City backpack
Black, blue. silver, rosegold $480

Give it to me now.

Vincie Slimline detail

Vincie Slimlie backpack

Handmade bags
A little punk,
a little chic
. . . sturdy, practical, fun

Vincie slimline blackpack

Vincie Princess cosmetic bags

Cosmetic bag $68
Give it to me now.

In SF at
Fix Studios on Valencia off 14th
Collage gallery on Potrero Hill

Fix Studios on Valencia

Collage gallery on Potrero Hill

Foldover leather clutch $140

Give it to me now.

In SF at
Collage gallery on Potrero Hill

Collage gallery on Potrero Hill

Vincie foldover clutch

Vincie Weekender
The Vincie Paul Weekend $320

Vincie Traveller in the Sierra.

           The Paul Traveller $380   Give it to me now.

Vincie Slimline Wallet

Leather Slimline wallet $66   Give it to me now.

Vincie Coasters 4-packs

Coasters, set of 4, $48   Give them to me now.
In SF at S16 Home on Sanchez.>
Italian charms also available as enamel pins.

What the Fuck

Leather Notebook, refillable $48   Give it to me now.