Vincie in the shop

Proudly made in San Francisco.

By a local artist from a long line of European craftsmen,
all with 9 fingers on each hand. And a love of pudding.

  Our life is in your hands. Wear a mask. Wash your hands.

  Our staff makes miracles every day.

Vince at work

Vince Blaskovich, the designer who inspires the Vincie line.

Paul in the shop

Paul Quin, writer and designer who helps with small tasks and general advice.

Manlio in the shop

Manlio Crognale, 2015 intern. Now making art and music in Italy.

Jaclyn on the run.

Jaclyn Ngo, 2016 connections intern. Now a makeup maven in Manhattan.

Vincie jumps in Versailles

USPS is the bomb!

Thanks to the post office: Tracking. Insurance. Signature/Receipt at cost.

It takes us all. We could not do our finest without the collaboration of makers, locally and around the world. Thanks to our colleagues and all who contribute their love and hard work to the world of fashion.

Our dream: Freedom, work, mutual respect and universal education. Oppression and ignorance hurt us all. Be creative, share, teach, learn. Our links with community activists remind us all to do our part. Where we each live.

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